Final Year Trip to London – Day Two

After a late night we all met this morning  and were asked once again if we would like to go to see galleries. Graham offered to go to a two galleries, Tate Britain and The Newport Gallery, these are two which I have never been to before. The Tate Britain was amazing to go around, we walked passed a group of school children who were surrounding a painting in one of the large ballroom like gallery. When we moved closer it was the painting ‘Ophelia’ by Sir  John Everett Millais. This is one of the paintings were looked at in our theory and I was amazed I was able to see int in person. The slideshow below shows photos of the Tate and a little of London.

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Lauren and I really wanted to go and see Gavin Turk’s exhibition at the Newport Gallery, which has to be the best exhibition I have ever seen. I was in awe! We went upstairs and waled past a sleeping bag, Graham called us back and told us that it was made all by bronze and then painted. I couldn’t believe it, it looked so real. This exhibition gave me inspiration for my final project, which is something I haven’t had in a while. I was so impressed at the detail and the production of the pieces, they all looked so real. There was a car tyre which I walked passed and it looked like a rust old tyre which you would see in a junk yard yet when I asked the gallery assistant she explained that everything was made out of bronze, down to a fish and chip fork, apple core, and toilet roll tube. I  had to buy his book when when we were leaving just so I could have something to take home and show everyone, and also to use as inspiration whilst in the studio. Here are some photographs of his exhibition, you will be shocked at how amazing they are.

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