Final Year Trip to London – Day One

At the beginning of the year our course was asked if we would like to go to London. The majority of our course said yes!! We were all buzzing to go, then our tutor told us we had to get to the bus at 8am. Only my flatmate and I brought little suitcases, whilst everyone brought little holdalls. We felt like right idiots, however because we were staying in a hostel Lauren and I brought towels and the majority of our peers didn’t, haha. We didn’t get off the bus until 1pm, it was an extremely long journey and all couldn’t wait to get off in London.

Lauren shows just how tiered she was on the bus on the way there.image-1

We were shown to the hostel and then we had the opportunity to either go around with friend or go with the tutors. Lauren and I decided to go with two of our tutors Graham and Dale, which to be honest was the best idea. We wouldn’t have had half of the opportunity to see galleries if we didn’t go with them. We went to a lot of small contemporary galleries, which was amazing, I was able to view piece of art which gave me inspiration for my own major project. Some galleries we visited were not what I expected, one had a hidden door which none of use knew how to open. I took photos of piece which I liked aesthetically and other which I found both aesthetically pleasing and inspirational. They are shown on the slideshow below.

After we were finished with galleries our little group decided to part ways and the cool kids went with Dale and Graham to a pub near the National Portrait Gallery. It was lovely, having a chat and drinks after a knackering day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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