Teach First Interview

Well, what a day! Trying to find the headquarters was a mission in itself. I was so nervous this morning, I set off to the interview and arrived and hour before it was suppose to start. I was that early, I was able to be placed in and earlier group of people who ere also there for interviews.

We were taken in to the interview suit, it had so many little rooms and then there were a large common room for all of us to talk and get to know each other.

The first part of the day was a 45 minutes interview one to one with a teach first ambassador. I was so nervous. Within this interview I had to answer questions about the values and competencies of the charity. I found this part extremely hard as even though I knew what I wanted to say, I stumbled and I confused myself never mind the interviewer.

The second part of the day was a group task. This part was one which I have been looking forward to. The large group that we were in, was split into 6. We were all given different sheets with the task information and a scenario. As an individual we were give two different ideas to get more children in a school more involved with each other and with the school itself. We had to choose one of the two and then persuade the rest of the group why your activity was the best one. The activity I chose was peer mentoring. However there were ones such as a school newspaper. There were two ambassadors watching as the groups discussed and marked us on how were handled the situation and how we engaged with each other. At the end of our given time we were all asked to answer a question which one of the ambassadors asked. I messed mine up big time, I stuttered and I was the only one who asked for the question to be repeated. I think I failed that task big time.

The last part of the day was a 7 minute lesson with two ambassadors pretending to be the children you have chosen to teach. I chose to teach primary KS3. I chose to teach science, and how the sun moved round the earth and how it created day and night. The two ambassadors had to act like children and were disruptive. This I found extremely hard as trying to tell an adult pretending to be a child was wired. I felt extremely uncomfortable. However I thought that it went ok.

At the end of the last task we were asked to complete a written self evaluation about the day. Here is where you could redeem anything which you though went wrong, for me, I thought it was quite a lot. Then we could go.

I am not sitting in Kingscross Station waiting for our train with my dad. He thought we would be in London a lot longer than we were so he booked the train for 8:30 and its 4:00 now. Talk about a long day!!!

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