World Population Vs Current News

After taking to my peers and inspiration from Bill Viola. I have decided that to present my newspaper pages I would like to hang them so they are in the order of the world population of the days news. The drawing below shows how I aim to design and present the five weeks of news.  At the moment I am experimenting with different materials the news articles can be printed on, for example acetate, muslin,  tracing paper.

I also would like to show that everything within the world current news and its people all link in one way of another. By doing this I am wanting to continue with the idea of using links and lines from my year 2 project. I have chosen to use back and white thread to show that the news is not always black and white and that there are always hidden meaning and stories that the public might not be allowed to know. I will show this by sewing into the article pages and link them, it will also be shown by  the knots from the thread.

I hope to have these as A4 pieces, and the 5 of them hanging next to each other.


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