First Ideas

My first piece of experimental work I have decided I am going to buy 5 different newspapers; The Sun, The Independence, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Times. These 5 newspapers are the most popular in the UK and covers most UK and international news.

I am going to buy these newspapers for 5 weeks, on the same day each week. I have chosen Tuesday as it is the day we are timetabled to be in the studio. On this day I will wait until 12:00pm and then look at the world population. After this I will take the number of the worlds population and take pages form each newspaper, for example, the population for yesterday at 12.00pm is 7,462,917,74. I have now used the newspapers I bought yesterday and taken the page numbers to create the world population number. For the 1s in the world population number I will take the first page out of 1 of the 5 newspapers I bought. Here is The Times front page.



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