World Population Facts

1. The world population was six billion in 1999 and seven billion in 2011. It is currently 7.43 billion.

2. Until 1804, the world population was below a billion. It reached two billion in 1927, three billion in 1960 and four billion in 1974.

3. China (1.38 billion) and India (1.33 billion) have the highest populations which means that half the world’s population is Chinese or Indian.

4. The UK population is 65.1 million which is only 0.88 per cent of the world’s total.

5. Every second of every day, 4.2 people are born and 1.8 people die.

6. The world population at the time of the birth of Christ has been estimated at about 300 million, which is just below the present US population.

7. It used to be said that the entire world’s population could stand side-by-side on the Isle of Wight. That has not been true since the 1920s…

8. …but there is still easily enough room for them all to stand on the Isle of Skye.

9. Half the people in the world today are below the age of 30.

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