Newspaper Facts

1. By order of Julius Caesar, around 59BC, a daily bulletin of announcements was published carved in stone or metal and displayed in public places.

2. In the second and third centuries, the Chinese circulated news sheets among court officials.

3. A forerunner of modern newspapers was the Notizie scritte (written notices) published monthly in Venice from 1556.

4. The price of Notizie scritte was one Venetian coin called a gazetta, which is why the word ‘gazette’ later came to mean a newspaper.

5. The first reference to “News Papers” in English was in 1667.

6. The earliest citation in the Oxford English Dictionary of it spelled as one word is from 1688.

7. Under a 1789 Act of George III, it was illegal “for any hawker of any newspaper” to “let out any newspaper for hire to any person or persons”.

8. Around 24 billion newspapers are published around the world every year.

9. The bar codes of all newspapers and magazines anywhere in the world begin with the digits 977.

10. The first crossword in a British newspaper was published in the Sunday Express on November 2, 1924.



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