Summative Assessment

So today I have had my summative assessment. I had to give a presentation on my work this term. I had to present this infront of my tutor and a tutor who doesn’t know my work. I   have had to explain my experimentations, research, my exhibition piece and external projects.

I was a little nervous before my presentation, but once I was explaining my work I felt confident. My tutors were listening and having a good attitude about my work, which made me explain a little better.

At the end I was asked questions about certain pieces, such as why did I choose that material which was on my final piece? and how did I come about getting it? I was also asked why the flagging tape linked to emotions, which I answered it is to represent the different emotions as colours such as red can represent anger.

I was told that I have become more confident since I started the year but I need to have the confident to talk with my art terminology, which is hard for me to do, however I am trying each assessment to improve on this.

All in all I believe that this assessment has gone quite well and I look forward to my grade and feedback which I will get in June.

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