Thought out this term we have been asked as part of our module to find external work. My friend and I have been lucky enough to have three amazing external work.

The first is at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield. Here we will be working with the school groups and families in workshops through out the summer. This will be an amazing opportunity as both of us will are wanting to go on and do out PGCE.


The second external project is working at a company called Ambitions. Here I have arranged build skills within the art sector of young people and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. It will be a one day project working with the Ambitions team.


The third external project is for a friend of mine. She is the Assistant Head teacher at Earlsheaton Infant school, Kirklees. Here my friend and I are painting a wall mural in the children playground. We have been asked to design a forest using perspective. We would like to try and include the children in this project.


Updates on these projects will be posted throughout the summer. If you would like my friend or myself to do any commission please do not holist to contact us on your blogs. my friend, Lauren Jaye Mitchell, blog address is


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