Exhibition Time – Lob it anywhere

At the time of setting up for the exhibition I was in Dubai visiting my mum, however I still wanted my piece to be in the exhibition.  My friend was the curator for our strand within the course and offered with my tutor to help put my piece up. I gave them my photos which I previous took of my piece to help them as a guide where to put the flagging tape. Both my friend and my tutor both know what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted my work to come across to the viewers within the gallery.

When I arrived back home I headed straight to the gallery to look at everyones work. I was so proud that everyones work looked so well within the space we were given. I was extremely happy how my piece looked. My friend asked where I would prefer to put it, however I wasn’t too fussed about where it would go just as long as it fitted in with my peers work and that she could “lob it anywhere”. Obviously my tutor heard me say this and suggested that it was  great title for my work as the materials and the concept of it constantly being a temporary object, and have the word temporary tied to it made the saying perfect.

Below is ‘Lob it anywhere’ showing the Flagging tape.

Here are some images of my peers work in the exhibition and a video at https://youtu.be/7TeYv6vjqog

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