Project coming together

The past two weeks I have made two different pieces which show the movement and the difficult lives refugees have. However I wanted to put them together to make one piece. I have now found a old wooden pallet which i have put the two pieces on.

I have asked my peers if they have had any material and use this to put around both pieces to make it look like a pallet of refugees emotions, personal belonging and rubbish from camps.

I would like to incorporate my previous work with the flagging tape. The photos below is the piece put together however instead of using my flagging tape at this point, as I would like to save it for the exhibition, I have used masking tape to help me identify when I would like to place it. My aim is to use the colours I used in my previous work, the colours and the direction of the lines are of the same meaning as before, emotions and direction of pathways .

I have decided I am not going to put so much tape on as this as it hides the piece and the material which is an important factor for this piece as a whole.

It is now ready for the exhibition, the coloured flagging tape will be included at the exhibition before the opening.

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