Lee Corners Workshops – 1

Lee Corner is a consultant and facilitator with considerable experience across the arts and creative industries – with individuals, artists’ groups, small businesses, large institutions, and public bodies. She is particularly interested in building confidence and capacity to enable people to achieve their potential, and designing and delivering training opportunities to enhance and develop skills.

She has taken the time to give our course year 3 lectures on our 5 Year plan. The first lecture was on visions and values. To start off, Lee asked us to start getting the “creative juices”flowing. we did this by finding as many types of green we could think of. We then had to Join the dots with 4 lines without taking the pen off the paper. After we are asked to find out how many material we could identify within the lecture room. These are all documented below. After we were asked to look at a colour wheel and write down what the colours represented to us.

Once our creative juices were flowing, we were given that task to model where we wanted to be in 5 years time using plasticine. Here is what I made.

Lee then asked us to look at the skills map from http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers. We were asked to look at the skimp and see what skills we have and once which we need to develop.

The first image is the professional skills map, the second image is my own skills map.


Here are the notes I have made in the first workshop:




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