After researching the transparency of fashion, I wanted to print Twiggy, the pinnacle of beauty and fashion in the 1960, on a material which is transparent.

I remember when I was in school, we had to back out books in backing plastic. This is what I used to print the photo of Twiggy. I printed the black and white image on A3 paper twice. I then used one photo and placed it on the backing plastic. Making sure the image was covered and stuck down well, I then wet the paper and used a scourer and rubbed the A3 paper away. By doing this, means that the ink from the paper was still stuck on the backing plastic, leaving a tarsier of the image.

Now that I have two of the same image but on different material I wanted to use embroidery. I used different colour thread to create my own version of the Ballerinas I researched earlier in the project.

I have presented them next to each other as it shows that sometimes you don’t see whats going on in the fashion industry and I wanted to show that it can be transparent.



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