Transparency within the news

When researching Transparency within the news I came across

Transparency International (TI) is a global movement sharing one vision: a world in which government politics, resources-resources-business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption. Transparency International UK (TI-UK) is the UK national chapter of this movement. Their vision is a society in which:

  • The lives of people in the UK and around the world are significantly improved
  • The corruption-resources-corruption-resources-health of our institutions is enhanced
  • We can trust the integrity of those in authority;
  • There is no impunity for the corrupt at home or abroad.

With their network of chapters in over 100 countries the TI movement has paralleled global understanding and expertise. At TI-UK, they fight corruption by promoting changes in values attitudes and behaviour at home and abroad, through programmes that draw on the UK’s unique position as a global political and resources-resources-business centre.


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