Photography lines

After researching what lines mean, I wanted to incorporate those meanings into the war photographs from Tim Hetherington and Andrea Bruce.

I printed a series of photographs from both photographer on to A3 paper. I then cut them up in lines, showing what emotions are within the photograph


This photograph is by Time Hetherington. I have used thick, horizontal lines to show the solider’s strength, and he is hard to break and he is stable with the earth. He knows his footing and his mission.


This photographs is also by Tim Hetherington. Within this photograph i have used thick, thin and vertical lines. I have done this as the child in the photo is vulnerable, fragile and easy to break  (thin lines) however he is carrying a gun. Showing that he has a tough childhood and has to have strength, and be bold (thick lines). I have used vertical lines to also show that he has to be strong, and stable to survive.



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