Megan Geckler & my 3D Model

For this project I wanted to create a piece which pushed me creatively. I wanted to push more ideas and concepts to create an installation which linked to the ideas of pathways.

Megan Geckler is an American Artist who uses flagging tape to create her installations. Geckler’s work seems to be digital in nature; the colors are vibrant and unreal. An installation can take a single day, or be completed over a series of weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. In either case, each space is transformed into an immersive environment in which the viewer is given multiple pathways to experience the installation on their own terms.

I wanted to create my own version of Geckler’s work, but doing this I have had to create a 3d model using that same cardboard from my other models and I also used string, which would be another material used to help refugees.

I would like to produce my installation within a corner, as this makes it enclosed and refined to one area however there are a lot of different directions one can take. The different directions of the sting shows the research I did with lines.





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