When looking at my previous work in the survey project and my work with Twiggy, I realised, I use lines in a lot of my work. This is something I wanted to continue within this project. However I wanted to have a meaning for the lines. What do they mean, how do they portray feelings and emotions. I have researched the meaning of different lines to help me create more work.

Thin Lines – Fragile, elegant, easy to break, delicate

Think Lines – Hard to break, strength, make a statement

Horizontal – resting, quiet, comfort, stable (can not fall over), connected with the earth

Vertical – Potential energy, strong, rigid, stability, height, convert lack of movement

Diagonal – Unbalanced, restless, uncontrolled energy, action, movement, tension, excitement, solid

Zig Zag – High energy, excitement, intense movement, confusion, danger, destruction


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