Flagging tape continue

After researching flagging tape, I decided I wanted to use it in some way. I bought six different coloured roles from amazon.


The material is a thick tape and feels more like fabric than tape. I had a little play with it to see how it would fit into my project. The bright colours show make it clear for people to see the tape, giving them a a better view of their pathways.



One thought on “Flagging tape continue

  1. Hello! — I got a google alert abut your project – great job! I love your concept about the different colors and lines being the pathways of individual refugees.

    It appears that the material that your received is not actually flagging tape. Do you mind me asking where you got it on Amazon – a link maybe? I’m curious as to what you used.

    My email is below 🙂

    Megan Geckler

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