3d Models

These models are made from the photographs by Andrea Bruce and cardboard.

I stuck the photograph prints on to cardboard boxes and then used the same techniques as before by cutting them into lines.

The reason for cardboard is because it is Flimsy and insubstantial. It it a material which is more likely to be used to carry the belongings of refugees that plastic boxes. 

I have cut the image up into vertical lines to show that the people in them are strong but they are vulnerable to falling over. The thickness of the lines show that even though they show strength and they are hard to break they are also fragile and scared for what could have to them and their families..

After cutting the cardboard and photograph I wanted to present them in 3d. I did this by using about piece of cardboard and made slits into the bottom so the photograph can slot in. Using the slots I could then re-arage the image and bring certain parts  of the image forward and some back.

I create two of these models so that people can interact with them and switch the cardboard from one model to another, creating a whole new image.


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