Lines and drips

After using the student and staff photographs I wanted to use the same technique of using drips on just plain paper. I wanted to drip different mediums and use dribbles to represent the students and staff at the university. Different colours represent the different diversities of each individual which I took from my survey responses. I have used different ways of making the drips on the papers, I used fast splatters, high drips, and low drips to express their emotions.

I did a few different pieces using different colours and techniques. I wanted to present them in my studio so the lines of the mediums are horizontal, instead of vertical.This idea came to me when I was looking at my survey answers, the responses I got meant that no one is the same and every person has their own individual identity however we are all part of one groups which connects them together. The lines vertical show that people are stable and they won’t fall over like horizontal lines.


Here are the pieces of work:


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