Formative Assessment

For my formative assessment, we had to give private presentations to out strand tutors. We were then given feedback. In all honestly, I feel that it could ave gone a little better. I have very low confidence when it come to my work, I am always asking for people opinion when in the studio and i ask my tutor for advise. This is one point which we both pick up on. If i need to succeed in my course I need to have more confidence and finish the ideas I have, instead of doubting myself.

I also need to have confidence at talking about my work. Due to my dyslexia, I find it quite hard to express what I want to say. This was a problem in the assessment as came across that I didn’t know my work and I didn’t know the artists I have researched but I do! I just couldn’t get what I wanted to say out!!

On a positive point, my tutor told me that my ideas have progress from the start of the year and my live performance was a huge step forward as an artist.

The photos I collected of the student and staff of the university was suppose to be a series containing 100 photos to match the survey responses. However, after my live performance I feel that the ones which I did take were more of a stepping stone to get me to where I am now! Which means that I am not going to continue taking the photographs for this project, I my continue the process in another project further in the year.



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