Anthropology in Art

Anthropology of art is a sub field in social anthropology dedicated to the study of art in different cultural contexts. It focuses on historical,economical and aesthetic dimensions.

I have a big interest on the social and cultural studies of demographics within the world. I have researched a few anthropologists who have given me an insight into what anthropology is.

Claude Leve Strauss,(November 28th, 1908)  who is a french anthropologist and ethnologist who’s work was key in the development of the theory of structuralism and structural anthropology.

Franz Boas, (July 9th, 1858) a german anthropologist who pioneered the concept of life group displays, commonly known as dioramas, and exhibited skulls of various peoples to demonstrate the irrelevance of brain size and argue the diminished significance of theories of racial distinction between humans.

Michael Taussig, (April 3rd, 1940) is an Australian anthropologist. He has published on medical anthropology,  however he is best known for his engagement with Marx’s idea of commodity fetishism, especially in terms of the work of Walter Benjamin.

Also the website is a useful site which has helped me gain more knowledge on the subject.


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