Juliet MacDonald

My Contemporary Practice in context 2 lecturer Juliet MacDonald gave my course lecture on Drawing as a Method of Research. She talked about how a person can use drawings which can then be used to research particular locations. Juliet showed some drawings her research on 4 locations in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

“This was a project I conducted as part of my PhD. Drawings were made in four locations for a fixed period of time (30 minutes). There are 64 drawings in total. My concern was the movement of bodies through these urban spaces.” (lecture presentation, p33)

The locations were: The bus station, Lands Lane shopping area, Market & Train station

“The drawings were scanned and made into a negative images, then animated in their sequences. This work was re-made for an exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery in 2014.”

MacDonald, J. (2014). Re-Animation [still from digital animation]. In: trace[instructions for mapping space], Huddersfield Art Gallery.

Untitled Untitled3 Untitled2

I found that the drawings were very interesting and I wanted to have a got at including the technique within my project. I wanted to capture the movement of the university students out side the student union.

Here are my versions of research by drawing. My locations are the university quad and out side one of the university buildings. I used biro on tracing paper.

IMG_0074 IMG_0090 IMG_0091

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