Questionnaire Update

When I first wanted to create a questionnaire I wanted to conduct the the survey when taking photographs of individuals, however I thought that I would get a better chance of gathering data by giving the questionnaire to a wider audience.

I have now recreated the questionnaire on, which has been sent to all the schools in the university plus other departments such as student services. Within 8 hours I have had over 68 responses. I understand that not everyone in the university will acknowledge the email which has been sent out but a good amount of people have see the email and have taken the time to responce.

The survey has 10 questions looking at the diversity of the university. Overtime someone completes a survey, the data will be collected and can then be shown in a table.

Here is a screenshot of the data so far.

This table shows the gender ratio which has answered the questionnaire:

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 19.19.05

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