Survey – Research

In our first seminar we were asked to visit three sites in Huddersfield and research them by looking at the site itself, the buildings, the people etc. the three sites where:

  • Queensgate Market
  • Huddersfield Railway station
  • Huddersfield Library and art Gallery

When I got to these sites I took photos and gathered leaflets to help me survey them. I think all three were interesting in their own way, the railway station had eclectic mix of people walking in different directions. The Queensgate market had different, quirky stalls and then some very traditional market shops. The art gallery and the library was a more peaceful site to the other two and had a calming ambience.

When i got back to the studio I then put the information i gathered on my studio wall to help me think about the next step I want to take in the ‘Survey’ project.

Here are some photos I took and a display of the information gathered on my wall.




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