Raphael Mazzucco

During the summer I visited a few galleries in Leeds, both council run and private. One gallery which frequently visit when visiting Leeds is Castle Gallery (www.castlegalleries.com).

When visiting this gallery I saw a few works from the photographer Raphael Mazzucco. He is a Canadian fashion, art and music photographer. His photographs have appeared on the cover of three Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues in a four-year span, including the 2006, 2008 and 2009 main cover images, as well as the books: Sports Illustrated: Exposure (2006, Time, Inc. Home Entertainment) and A Second Decade of Guess Images: 1991-2001. He was also commissioned to shoot Victoria’s Secret’s coffee table book.

He is known for starting his photo sessions with very tight shots from up-close to his subjects faces.He is also well known for his ‘Guess’ campaigns. His career started with work for Calvin Klein and as a music photographer.

I am extremely inspired to use his work as an influence for my own. I think that painting and using mixed media on photography gives more depth to a piece.
images our_world raphael_mazzucco_eocene RM_01_041_1 website-pic


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